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Floor Rugs are both practical and essential to creating a finished interior. Adding a floor rug to a room warms the space visually, as well as being warm and soft underfoot.  They reduce noise by absorbing sound on hard surface floors, as well as protecting them from being scuffed and scratched by furniture.

Rugs can be used in so many different ways - to accessorise a room, define different living spaces within a room, or to add that warmth and softness. Floor rugs work equally well in all environments - it's all about choosing the right rug for the room and your style.

Floor Rugs tie the design of a room together- adding texture and interest, and helping to anchor furniture

What is a Flat Weave Rug?

All of the rugs in the Weave collection are exclusively hand woven for us in India, using a technique called flat weave. The flat weave style of rugs have been created for generations, using skills handed down through artisan families.

The designs, patterns and colours used are inspired by nature and the natural materials used to make them – cotton, wool, jute and viscose.  The result is a rug that is textural, appealing and perfectly suited to Australia's relaxed interiors.

Rugs from the Weave collection work well in just about any style of home - contemporary, minimalist, coastal, boho, or vintage-industrial - whatever your style, there's a Weave rug that will work.

Choosing the right rug for your home

Everyone has a unique sense of style, but there are a few tips that we’d like to share with you to make sure the Weave rug you choose for your home will last for many years, and keep looking as good as when you bought it.

For example, if you are looking for a rug to use in a heavy traffic area, like under dining tables, we would recommend choosing a true flat weave design rather than a rug with a raised design, like our Mitre Rug. Why? Because the constant movement of the chair legs will scuff and wear the raised braids. Raised designs are much better suited to low traffic areas like bedrooms.

How to choose the right Rug colour?

Buying a good quality floor rug is an investment.  They are a beautiful piece that will last many years, and add beauty and warmth to your home.  This longevity means that it makes sense to buy a rug that is less trend driven, and has classic style and colour elements.

Weave rugs reflect traditional methods and designs, and are made from natural fibres.  The styles and designs of our floor rugs not only suit lots of interior styles, but will be a cherished centrepiece of your room for years to come.  Our natural colour palette is the perfect base for just about any accessory combination you can think of.

There are two little practical tips that you might like to consider when you are choosing

  • Consider choosing lighter colour rugs for low traffic areas
  • And then look at two tone, patterned or darker toned rugs for areas likely to be subjected to spills and dirt, like under your dining tables, in the hallway and depending on your family - maybe even under the couch.

Rug Placement Guide

Our current rug range offers twenty six different designs in two sizes - measuring 2m x 3m and 3m x 4m. Like everything there are some tips on how you use a rug in the space that really lift the result.  We've put together a handy guide for how to position a rug in three of the most common areas in the home - the lounge, dining and bedroom.

Perfect rug placement in the lounge room

In the living room, a mid sized floor rug will help to anchor your furniture, and create a defined space.

Ideally the front legs of your sofa and arm chairs should sit on the rug, and there should be plenty of room left for your coffee and side tables to sit on the rug.

The easiest way to visualise how the rug will work in your space is to lay out a sheet, newspapers or blanket and see how a rug will work with your furniture and in your space.

Tips for rug placement in the bedroom

Adding a floor rug to your bedroom brings texture, colour and frames your sleeping space.  If you have timber floorboards or tiles, then you’ll be grateful for the warmth of a floor rug underfoot.

A Weave rug will sit generously under whatever size bed you have – we recommend positioning it width ways (see the picture below) and making sure you have plenty of rug showing at the bottom of the bed.

Rug placement in the dining room

Our rectangular rug will pair perfectly with either a rectangular or oval shaped six seater table, measuring up to 200 x 90cm.  This will give you room for guests to push chairs back, and fit most dining spaces perfectly. Our tip is to choose a two-tone, patterned or darker coloured rug, in case of spills.

Hot Style Tip: Layer two Weave rugs together

If you are wanting to cover a larger floor area, what about combining two Weave rugs together?  Our only tip is to remember that our rugs are all handmade.

This means that each one is completely individual, so they may vary slightly in size (up to 3%); in colour (up to 5%) and the pattern alignment may be slightly different.  So they won't match perfectly, but each one is a beautiful piece of artisanal craftsmanship, with its own unique features to enjoy.

How to choose a quality rug

Buying a rug is a beautiful addition to any home, and especially when it’s a Weave rug – handmade from beautiful natural fibres.  With a Weave rug you can be sure of its quality and longevity –each and every one of our rugs has cotton backing and braided edge on the underside to provide strength and stability, and keep the rug square.

When you purchase a Weave rug you are supporting the artisans and communities where the rugs are hand woven through our involvement with Care & Fair.

We are proud members of Care & Fair, an international organisation that aims to eliminate illegal child labour in rug weaving areas.  Our contributions help fund much needed social infrastructure to improve the living standard of families and communities in these areas.

April 14, 2020 — Rozina Stefan

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