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While being cooped up in our homes and slowly coming to terms with our new normal, I have personally found myself showing some love to my abode. If you are also taking up some redecorating projects and are in the mood for a little retail therapy, or shall I say cybershopping, make the trip over to The Loom Collection.

We recently had the pleasure of styling and shooting The Loom Collection’s awesome new sofa and cushion collection and we are besotted to say the least. The collection features beautiful fabrics in neutral tones with sofas that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. We really love the colour palette of the luxury linen cushions, but were particularly drawn to one item: the cloud sofa, which is really well named because it is literally as cozy as a fluffy cloud with down cushions that seem to hug you on arrival. There was a moment during the shoot when I thought we may never be able to separate Kath from that sofa! We are also big fans of their rug collection.

I caught up with Rozina, the Co-founder of The Loom Collection, who gave us some background on the brand and the recently launched sofa collection.

“The Loom Collection is a small family owned business offering a modern take on home interiors. We’re passionate about well designed, stylish and long-lasting furniture, rugs and home décor and we strive to provide personalised customer service while working closely with local interior designers. After more than 2 years of research and factory visits around the world, we opened our business as a statement of going against the uniform of home decor that was existent in Dubai and the UAE at the time.

Simplicity, minimalism and clean lines characterise our New Collection of sofas. The range is a diverse, well thought out design, that completely lives up to the idea of modern, clean living and comfort. The sofas are exclusive to our shop and being in direct contact with the manufacturer has allowed us to select each raw material and fabric used in this collection. We are very proud of the end result and the high standards of quality that the sofas have passed, making them fit for a lifetime, not just a season. The neutral bases of the sofas were carefully chosen to allow you to style the sofas differently through the years.”

This was the first shoot that we have done in the new studio space that we share with the LiveLoud Girl team and we were loving the elements that it brought to our shoot, most notably the Kährs wooden flooring and our textured and panelled feature walls. We look forward to many more shoots in this space.

April 16, 2020 — Rozina Stefan

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