Dhs. 5,300

Lightness and grace, elegance and well thought out synergies: the Serena sofa embodies a simplicity that reveals sophisticated details. The slender metal feet in the titanium finish lift the Serena like daring high heels; the armrest tapers towards the top for a bold lean look; the seat cushions are rounded for an even lighter and more minimal design. Comfort has also been a major focus: armrests are slightly rounded on the outside; the backrest cushions have a soft, sink-in quality, and is designed to accommodate comfortable drop-shaped headrests that can be positioned at will. 

* Please note: we refer to left/ right chaise when looking at the sofa (the sofa is in front of you, not when sitting on it). 


Total length of sofa : 2820mm 

Total depth of sofa: 940mm ; Seating depth:550mm

Total chaise lounge depth : 1650mm; Chaise seating depth: 1260mm

Total height of sofa, including backrest cushions: 840mm 


High quality, thick upholstery in a mixed cream/ light grey color

Snug comfort -  meaning that the sofa is comfortable to sit or lounge on but will keep it's shape for a long time with little to no maintenance. 

Titanium finish legs

Support leg in the middle for extra durability. 

* Fabric sample available for viewing. Please contact us directly if you would like to see the fabric sample prior to purchase. We send these on the same day or next day - free of any cost to you. 

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Delivery and very comfortable

The sofa was very comfortable.. and the delivery was coordinated very well.. I was sent a fabric swatch before I purchased the sofa and got exactly what I ordered.. premium quality as well

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