Do you have a shop?

We are primarily an online shop and as such, we do not have any stores or retail  showrooms. We do however have a Studio which we use for photography and we display our furniture for designers and clients who would like to visit in person. We open every few days for visits.

Where is your location?

Our Studio is in Dubai Investment Park 1. 

When can I visit?

Wednesdays between 10:00-14:00 & 
Saturdays between 10:00-14:00 
Do you have all the products on display?

Space permitting, we seek to display as many pieces as possible. However if you have a specific product/ colour that you wish to see please get in touch prior to make sure arrangements are done for your items. 

How long until I get my order?

In Dubai we seek to deliver within a 2-3 business day period and in Abu-Dhabi and other emirates within a 6-7 business days when your items is in stock, not on pre-order. 

What if my items are on Pre-order?

Please read the product description for an estimated arrival delivery date.
Like any business; and despite our best efforts to meet the dates we provide, sometimes events and circumstances conspire against us that are beyond our control. Please feel free to keep in touch with The Loom Collection team regarding your order.

Where is your furniture made ?

Most of our products are made in Vietnam, however we also source products from Australia, India, China, Belgium and Nepal.

Who designs the furniture ?

Our furniture is designed in collaboration with renowned furniture design houses from Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Do you customize furniture ?

We offer designers and architects the possibility of choosing fabrics from our own ranges. The lead time in such cases is 10-12 weeks. 

Do you accept refunds or exchanges?

We do not accept returns nor exchanges. In case of doubts you are welcome to visit our Studio and read prior customer's feedback to see the products before purchase. You can also read the detailed product descriptions, call or email for more information. Efforts are made to ensure you get an accurate picture and description of the products so you can make an informed decision. We are more than happy to help with additional pictures, videos, information in case you have any doubts. 

Do you offer any warranty?

Each product has a manufacturer warranty, which guarantees your furniture and rugs will last for many years. We are unable to help in case of spills, damage etc. whether it's accidental of due to inappropriate use. 

Do you offer design services?

We work with a number of designers and consultants and would be more than happy to assist with your specific questions and space layouts. 

Do you have any sales coming up?

In principle our business was based on the fact that we want to offer great quality at fair prices all the time. We will never inflate our pricing in order to organise sales every now and then. In the exceptional circumstances when a supplier is able to offer us a saving, we pass that onto to our clients directly. 

Do you ship internationally ?

We help our clients with all the steps required for international shipments however our pricing does not include shipping outside of the U.A.E.